Since its inception in 2005 by the ACS Division of Chemical Education, the Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee (GSSPC) Project has brought forth fifteen successful symposia at national meetings. Two groups of graduate students are chosen to put together informative symposia and attain valuable professional development each year.


Facing a demand for higher efficiency and sustainability in research and industry, scientists look to nature for insight and inspiration to improve chemical processes. With a research scope encompassing mechanistic studies, metabolic engineering, and enzyme design with applications in biofuels and pharmaceuticals, biocatalysis has something for everyone.

Measure of Success

The success of each symposium is measured by the number of attendees along with the requested feedback from attendees and presenters on the symposium’s organization, content, and effectiveness. We will also recruit and mentor the next spring GSSPC in 2016.


More information can be found at the American Chemical Society website.