Spring 2015 ACS Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee

Designed by Nature, Developed by Science: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Biocatalysis

249th American Chemical Society National Meeting to be held March 2015 in Denver, CO

Topic: Facing a demand for higher efficiency and sustainability in research and industry, scientists look to nature for insight and inspiration to improve chemical processes. Our goal is to highlight the important role that interdisciplinary research plays in exploiting and transforming biocatalysis for use in a broad range of applications. With a research scope encompassing mechanistic studies, metabolic engineering, and enzyme design with applications in biofuels and pharmaceuticals, biocatalysis has something for everyone.

Time: Tuesday, March 24, 2014


From left: Dr. Shelley Minteer, Ashley Gans, Michelle Pillers, Cory Ayres, Karen Antonio, Kasey Clear, Laura Woods, Dr. Christopher Boddy, Dr. Connie Lu, Dr. Yi Lu, Dr. Gjalt Huisman, Dr. Amnon Kohen




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Symposium Schedule (GSSPC Symposium Flyer, 393 KB):

8:30am-8:35am - Morning Session Introductory Remarks
8:35am-9:15am - Dr. Shelley Minteer, University of Utah


"Organelle Bioelectrocatalysis"




9:15am-9:25am - Discussion
9:25am-10:05am - Dr. Yi Lu, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


"Designing artificial metalloenzymes and their applications in biocatalysis for alternative energies"




10:05am-10:15am - Discussion
10:15am-10:55am - Dr. Connie Lu, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


"Design and development of metal-metal bonded catalysts for transforming small molecules"




10:55am-11:05am - Discussion
11:05am-1:30pm - Intermission
1:30pm-1:35pm - Afternoon Session Introductory Remarks
1:35pm-2:15pm - Dr. Amnon Kohen, University of Iowa


"Enzyme mechanisms: From physical chemistry to evolution and new drug targets"




2:15pm-2:25pm - Discussion
2:25pm-3:05pm - Dr. Christopher Boddy, University of Ottawa, Canada


"Harnessing polyketide thioesterases to produce complex molecules"




3:05pm-3:15pm - Discussion
3:15pm-3:55pm - Dr. Yi Tang, University of California, Los Angeles


"Lov story in biocatalysis: Natural product biosynthesis and protein engineering coming together"
3:55pm-4:05pm - Discussion
4:05pm-4:45pm - Dr. Gjalt Huisman, Codexis, Inc.


"Innovations in biocatalysis for pharmaceutical applications"
4:45pm-4:55pm - Discussion
4:55pm-5:00pm - Closing Remarks


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